Offset print

A type of flat, indirect printing. Printing and non-printing areas are found in approximately same plane. The printing process in the flat offset technique takes place in such way that the wetting agent is applied onto the printing plate through a system of rollers; it remains on the hydrophilic surface, while the printing surface remains dry. The paint adheres to the oleophilic surface. In the next step, the color from the plate is transferred via rubber roller and adheres to the print surface. Offset plates are obtained by conversion of digital data from a computer with the activation of the laser beam that illuminates the offset plate. Further, the plate is chemically treated and that's when oleophilic and hydrophilic surfaces are formed. Nowadays, one of the most dominant technologies is the ctp technology, which has relegated the process of plate production from copier film. Currently, offset printing takes 85% of the total print market.


Favorable price for high circulation. High-quality imprint - sharp and clean surfaces. Color is characterized by high viscosity unlike other printing techniques.


B2 A2 B3 A3
707x500mm 420x594mm 353x500mm 297x420mm
B4 A4 B5 A5
250x353mm 210x297mm 176x250mm 148x210mm
B6 A6 B7 A7
125x176mm 105x148mm 88x125mm 74x105mm

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