Promo Agendas

Agendas are promo material. We offer you the possibility to get a planner
designed according to the requirements of your company.


Format: A4, A5, A6

Number of pages: 100 pages + cower

Material: for cower - cardboard 1,5 mm, kunstdruck 170 g for inside pages - ofset 80 g

Print: for cower(4/0 color) for inside pages - two-sided color in two colors

Finishing works: one-side laminaton matt/gloss, making the hard cower and Wire-O, using formed wire that threads through punched holes.


Format: 29 x 14
Material: kunstdruck 170 g, escaboard 2mm, inside pages ofset 80 g
Print: Two colored cower, full color for inside pages

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