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External advertisements, fair banners, autographics, and many big-format advertising materials are the products of this particular printing technique. Solvent printing offers a wide selection of materials for different purposes..

PVC foil for solvent ink-jet printing. It has been designed to meet the demands of high-resolution printing with excellent colors. Resistant to environment conditions with an expiration date up to three years. There are matte and gloss variants.

One way vision - Due to the permeability of light it is manufactured like perforated. Thanks to the small holes, the printed motif is visible from outside of the glass surface, while at the same time it can't be seen in the interior space.

Baner- Awning is a promotional panel which is intended for external advertising conditions. It differs from pvc film because it doesn't stick, but it is mounted on the carrying part. At the request, punchlines with metal rings are punched (rings are used for construction fastening). Awnings can be installed on the façade or to cover an unwanted part of the building.

Car foil - a special pvc foil is used (bubble free), flexible and suitable for uneven surface. It is specialized for this purpose, it stretches better and it is crack-resistant. Can be protected with a special varnish that prolongs the lifetime.

There is the possibility of pattern-cutting on special pvc foils of various colors. They have the ability of adhesion to tin, various types of plastic, glass, vehicles, or any dry, clean, smooth surface. It is mainly used for logo cutting and data combined with the plotted graphics.

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