Embossing and dembossing are similar processes that create a different result. Both processes involve making a metal plate and a counter. The plate is mounted on a press and the paper is stamped between the plate and counter. This force of pressure pushes the stock into the plate, creating the impression. Embossing produces a raised impression on your paper stock, while debossing creates a depressed impression.


Under the influence of moisture, UV radiation, mechanical wear, printed material eventually loses its original appearance. Lamination can prevent this side effects. Foils are thin and can be matte or gloss. There is one more technic called hard plastic lamination. is mainly used for menus, lists, warning signs. In addition to safety, lamination also has aesthetic function.

UV Varnishing

Ultraviolet (UV) varnishing is a process for achieving an even more striking type of coating on your printed material.

All-over UV varnish
Simply put, this is a UV seal applied all over the printed surface.

Spot UV Varnish
A spot varnish is applied to chosen spots (areas) of a printed piece. This has the affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design.

Hot Foil

To get the gold /silver stamp, a foil layer is affixed to a certain material by a heating process. It isn’t too complicated of a process and getting the files ready are quite similar to uv-spot printing. Foil printing normally requires vector images and/or outlined fonts of what you want to have stamped.

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Embossing-Debossing stamps for leather,
books and promo agendas

The stamp is imprinted on the skin, artificial skin or canvas. In this technique we can print, branded wallets, notebooks, book covers, agendas, leather key chains, and other promotional materials.


Die cut involves cutting irregular shapes in paper or paperboard using a die. A die can be used in printing for cutting, scoring, stamping, embossing and debossing. Dies are normally custom pieces, but your printer will usually have some standard dies (such as for rounded corners) available if you don’t need a custom template; check with your printer to see what they have — it may help reduce the cost of printing a special piece.

Laser engraving

This technique is comonly applied to promotional products. Substrates for engraving can be made from metal, plastic, rubber, wood or from a special materials. Laser operates precisely and on a very small scale, engraving is permanent and legible, and can not be removed from the substrate. Successfully laser can engrave USB memory key rings, lighters, pens, memory cards and similar products.

Office supliers

Find a large selection of office equipment at popular prices - pens, technical aids, markers, notebooks, diaries and calendars, office paper in all necessary formats.

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